Top Notch Multi Tools for your Collection

Deciding what types of multi-tools that you want to have might be very difficult. There are so many different brands of multi tools out there that it is almost impossible to just choose one. If you are looking for a good quality of multi-tools, you can always read this article as we explore these amazing multi-tools and review it for you. By reading this type of best multi tool reviews collection, you will not be confused anymore on how to choose the best multi-tools in the market.


Gerber cable Dawg

The first product on our list that you might want to check out is this amazing Gerber cable dawg. This product is a little bit on the luxurious end for a normal people. The product has something that you can use to fix fibre optics or military cables. The design itself is super slick and its black color really makes it look sophisticated. In addition to that, Gerber Cable Dawg is pretty expensive as it is priced at two hundred dollars per items. If you have some money than you should consider buying this.

Leatherman Squirt

If you need multi-tools that are a little bit cheaper on the price, we can recommend you this leatherman squirt brand. It is only cost as much as twenty-seven dollars in total although it is even cheaper on a website like The best quality about this product is the small size that it fits in your pocket. Thus, you can always have it in your pocket or bags anytime you want it. The product also consists of thirteen different tools. Among others, there are tools like a bottle opener, scissors, and also a knife.

SOG Powerlock

Now this is the product that financially lies between the two of the previous product. The pricing is set at around sixty five dollars per product even though it is sold at a retail price of seventy dollars. This product is rather big as it is designed as a belt multi-tools which mean that you can carry it around in your belt instead of a pocket. This tool is rather different than the others because the tools are actually replaceable.