How to Keep Your Sofa Looking Good

In everyday activities, there is some furniture that we frequently use more than the others, for instance, is the sofa. Buying an affordable and cheap sofa bed for home is one task and keeping it fresh and in great shape is the other one. The sofa is primarily functioned for welcoming your guest, chatting with friends, or watching television. But, often we use it beyond the main function. When we are watching television, we can gradually feel sleepy and ended to sleep on the sofa. Sometimes our kids also play on the sofa, jumping on there or anything. As the furniture item that very frequently used, we need to have an extra concern about its cleanness and its look.

tumblr_ocmrm9zdln1v4c1b7o1_500Since the price of the sofa is considerably pricey. Therefore, we tend to keep them for many years. In order to get the looking good sofa even it has been used for such a long time, you can follow these helping tips.

Maintaining its fluffiness

To keep the fluffiness of the sofa cushioning is actually the same as keeping your pillow fluffiness. The sofa loses its fluffiness because of two reasons. It has supported many different weights and the dust accumulation within the cushioning. Therefore, vacuum it and poking, pushing it will take it back to the shape. If you want an easier process in fluffing, you should choose the material that is not easy to flatten.

Use two sides evenly

if your  sofa has the layer cushioning, you should often flip them and use the both sides fairly. It is good to maintain their shape.

Clean the sofa

You can clean your sofa with the vacuum cleaner and then the wet cloth.  In terms of vacuuming, do it once a week for maximum clean. However, you can wipe the sofa with white cloth less frequently. When you are using the wet cloth, I recommend you to use the cleaner, shampoo, or colorless detergent. Then, importantly, see every corner and folded part of the sofa that may accumulate dust. you can use the King-Care fabric cleaner as its material is safe for the sofa fabrics. Remember that when you or others spill something in the sofa, you should immediately clean it in order to the stains do not belong permanently.

Avoid your sofa from direct sunlight

When you are decorating your room, it is important to consider the direction of where the sunlight comes from. As much as you can, you should prevent the sofa from the direct sunlight because it can cause the sofa’s color faded gradually.

Use the slipcover

If you want to spend less energy in cleaning your sofa, since you first buy them you can cover the sofa with the slipcover. The slipcover will be able to resist the scratch or stain. By applying the slipcover, you can maintain the sofa fabrication to look good for a longer period.