How about these wood working tools for your new project

Let’s assume that this is your first DIY project and you are quite ambitious about its successful completion. Just make sure that, as a first lesson (or at least one of the first wood working lessons you are likely to receive) proper planning takes place with the right wood working tools in place. We have observed how successful journeymen received their early training. Long before they applied their minds practically to the workbench they sat at drafting tables, preparing a measured plan of their first wood craft.


Say you are trying things out for yourself at home for the first time. You could be quite resourceful. Apply your mind well and you will learn the fine art of proper planning. Otherwise chaos will be the result and quite possibly a first project never sees the light of day. Where suggestions have been made generally as to what tools to begin with, they have never been vague and serious intent has been emphasized.

Here’s one interesting suggestion that we discovered. It is suggested that new beginners source for themselves a workmate. A healthy and willing pair of hands would not be a bad idea but in this case it is nothing what we (or you) originally imagined. This workmate is the affectionate name for a handy workbench fully equipped for fitments such as clamps and large enough for any sized project.

To begin with, remember that drafting and planning is crucial, you will always need a set of crayons and pencils to go with your tape measure and combination square. You will also need an awl for marking purposes. Along with the standard and different sized saws(ultimate guide on finding the best jigsaw), you can add chisels, a hammer, a wooden mallet and rasping filers as well as sanders and a smoothing plane to your collection.