Maintaining Wood Working Tools

It is one thing to buy really nice and expensive tools, but if you are not keeping these tools in the right conditions then you cannot expect them to serve you for a long time. People always make the mistake of thinking that price and quality will result in longevity when it comes to wood working tools. While it is true that your more expensive tools are more likely to be made from sturdy materials, if they are stored and maintained poorly then they will not last you for a long time.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your tools last for many years to come.

Store –

The best thing you can do for your tools is to find a proper place in the house where you will keep them. this usually means setting aside some space in your storage room, shed, garage or other area to store the tools. Some people prefer to create a board of sorts, where the tools are hanging in different spots. It is also possible to store the tools in specific drawers or toolboxes.

However, storing in drawers and toolboxes leads to the increased possibility of rust, because tools are contacting each other. It is a good idea to take out your tools and give them a quick cleaning every few months. You may also want to add silica gel packs to the confined spaces where your tools are located. Tools like biscuit joiners(plate joiners) will require more space

Maintaining the Tools –

Aside from proper storage, you will also want to clean and maintain your tools. As mentioned earlier, clean them every few months, even if you have not been using those tools. Power tools require inreaesd maintenance, and you will want to get a good lubricator for these items. The lubrication ensures that every part of the power tool functions correctly.